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Design an open space online and for learning groups, to facilitate clear and precise information on basic teaching tools that supports academic’s students life in any area.

Provide a selection of didactic strategies that supports teachers and students in decision making, planning and development of their academic activities.

Students create connection between, interacting with the adequate resources and adequate to each subject’s learning style.
Through this activity students learn to learn, achieving, Boeing proactive and self-sufficient, students who also share knowledge, obtaining necessary skillssuch as self-confidence in academic work.


1.- As teachers, we realize that students do not know didactic strategies that can be applied to improve their academic performance, in addition to lacking the training to self-manage learning.

2.- Promote tools that fit the learning style of students, making them more attractive with the use of technology and enhancing their understanding.

3.- That the students become independent and responsible for their own learning and evaluation.


One of the objectives of the teaching-learning process is to adapt it to the rhythms and possibilities of the students, which has generated the search for alternatives that allow adapting to the different styles of each one.

The proposal involves the participation of communities of students, teachers and people who intend to share their experiences with the recommended strategies as well as new ones. Similarly, it is intended that the design encourages work among peers.

With this design it is intended that students participate, apply and interact from their knowledge and experience generating useful contributions for the community. We hope to support the training of cooperative and motivated students, through the following initial selection of strategies:

Mind map
Conceptual map
Sun map
cobweb map
Portfolio of evidence
Cloud map
Rainbow map
Comparison map
Problem-based learning
Case study
Map of sequences
Educational video


22 Estrategias y Técnicas de aprendizaje



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Image Credit: http://sueschade.com/2015/05/where-do-new-ideas-comefrom/

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  1. Brian Lamb

    This is welcome and necessary idea, and if developed well could make a big difference in how students learn. To actually implement it well would be very difficult, but this outline is a fine start!

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