A Pile of H5P Modules

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h5P is AMAZING. We have so many idea how we can use the tools and want to explore more. But if we all do this as individuals and they are all distributed, it seems a great waste of materials.

Proposal:  We suggest at a program or university level to create a ore organized collection of h5p tools that anyone can use and contrubite to, maybe an Acumaldor of h5p modules.  We might commission media students to work with professors to turn ideas into reusable tools.

Rationale: Too often we create things for ourselves that might be shared by others but they do not know where to find them. The featured we like about H5P is that the source can be downloaded, modified, and made into new products.

Implementation:  This will need IT support to provide a platform, maybe WordPress or a Wiki site. We could create a governance structure for review and drafting of missions to create ne content, perhaps like Wikimedia Commons does Wiki Loves Monuments; maybe we do UdG Loves H5Ps?

Challenges:  There might be challenges in managing and reviewing content, and whether we can get technology support to start the project.

Shared by: We like H5P
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_iOS_family_pile_(2012).jpg modified with H5P loho

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  1. Diego Ramos

    Totally agree. We waste a lot of hours, money and dreams making materials, process and even ideas none use again. Lost Islands among the routine day by day.

    • Diego Ramos

      I’m not Diego Ramos

      • Alan Levine

        Nor am I. We apologize for the name mixup, it’s an issue of much activity over a wireless network that shares the same address.

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