Team 12 – @Pen Evaluati@n The One who does not evaluate does not Learn

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A cross evaluation is proposed in which the student participates as well as the academy; the student will evaluate through the identification of areas of opportunities the efficiency and effectiveness of the course, for its part, the academy will evaluate the content, both actions will be carried out with the support of Open Technology.

The student is evaluated through tests (any modality) to prove a cognitive process successful or at least creditable, the student evaluates the teacher based on a survey conducted and conditioned in time and form, the course is reviewed by the academy without any format or outline established that mainly affects bibliographic updating and not so much in other aspects of greater relevance.

The evaluation aimed at the content of the course should be in accordance with the regulations so the Academy will be responsible, while the efficiency will be from the students. These activities must be endorsed by the Departmental College.

The natural and intrinsic opposition of the human being (human nature) and the homologation in the definition and use of the technologies to be used, the foregoing to advance in the official recognition of this process of open evaluation and in both directions.

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  1. Melanie Meyers

    If I understand correctly – you are proposing a 360 degree evaluation process of courses that involves students and faculty. They will complete this process on an open platform so the work is transparent. I can see how this would add credibility and buy-in to a course or curriculum. Something like this may have been implemented elsewhere – I would look to see if there are some open resources/best practices you can leverage.

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