What is open technology and why should we care?

Open Of Course

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Principles of open technology

The four essential freedoms of open software:

  • The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose.
  • The freedom to study how the program works, and change it.
  • The freedom to redistribute copies.
  • The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others.


How do David Wiley’s 5 R’s apply to technology?

Is Google an open technology?

Google is not a search company, or a web services company, it is an advertising company.

The “Google Graveyard“.

Is Facebook an open technology?

We have no choice but to accept how Facebook supports (or does not support) linking, searching, archiving, exporting… Features appear and disappear.

Facebook’s revenue is derived from advertising and selling the data of its users.

In the study, a computer could more accurately predict the subject’s personality than a work colleague by analysing just ten Likes; more than a friend or a cohabitant (roommate) with 70, a family member (parent, sibling) with 150, and a spouse with 300 Likes.“Computers using digital footprints are better judges of personality than friends and family”, University of Cambridge Research


Is Moodle an open technology?


What Moodle does well…

The open side of Moodle:


What technology skills do students learn when they learn to use Moodle (or some other Learning Management System)? Will they use them anywhere else?


The risks of non-open technology

The death of Flash.

Chart assessing risk factors for media types.

Bring out your dead webs


Learning in the open, the internet as platform

#NetNarr http://netnarr.arganee.world/

Away from the “disposable assignment“?

ePortfolios – https://lemieuxcie.trubox.ca/


The freedom of open

WordPress as platform: themes, plugins, applications.

Phylomon – “Phylo is: (1) a card game that makes use of the wonderful, complex, and inspiring things that inform the notion of biodiversity; (2) an exercise in crowd sourcing, open access, and open game development; and (3) FREAKIN’ AWESOME!”

Single purpose web tools built as WordPress Themes, all openly available on GitHub


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