Schedule of Events

An overview of the activities for certificate.

Pre- Event Online Activities

If you are registered with UdG to participate in this certificate, here’s what you can do before March 5.

  1. Make sure your twitter account is still working and start following @muraludg. Make sure you use #muraludg in tweets to share with our network. In twitter, create a saved search for #muraludg.
  2. Become familiar with the Mural UDG website (please note that it will continue to change before March 5)
  3. Begin participating in Contestar, an open discussion space, where we have posted some questions for you to ponder and reply to .
  4. Remember the UDG Agora Daily Try? Watch for the new Daily Openers, a series of new brief activities designed to get you exploring and thinking about the UDG Mural topics. Follow @muraludg to see when the new ones are posted.
  5. Watch for blog posts the week of Feb 26.

Get Your Apps Going!

Bring an ipad and/or a laptop. Here are the apps and web tools we will be using in the activities – some you already have, but some are new:

  1. Have your twitter account ready to go.
  2. Have your Google account (google drive, google docs) ready to go
  3. Set up an accounts on these web sites:
      • Hypothesis for web annotation
      • Canva for creating graphucs
      • H5P for creating interactive web widgets


  4. Download these apps if you are bringing a mobile/tablet device:

Monday – Thursday


830-900am Registration/attendance At the venue
9-1130  Morning Topic Sessions:

Monday:  The Open Question

Tuesday: Open Pedagogy

Wednesday: Open Technology

Thursday: Open Scholar

Friday:  Chopped Challenge

Large Plenary room
1130-12 Break and transition to smaller rooms 25/room
12-2 Breakout/Do-A-Thon activities Smaller (25) rooms. 4 rooms/25 people per room
2-3 Lunch
3-4 Afternoon topics, and guest interviews (via webconferencing)

Monday: Adventures in Wikipedia – an interview with Jon Beasley-Murray

Tuesday: The Responsibility of Open – panel interview with Maha Bali and Robin DeRosa

Thursday:  Think Global, Act Global – Paul Stacey interview

Large plenary room



830-9 Registration/attendance Outside plenary room
9-1130 Preparation for Chopped Challenge, possibly another type of session as well Large plenary room
1130-12 Break
12-2 Chopped Challenge Large plenary room
2-400 Lunch and Closing