Some details on how to be successful in this certificate.

  • Attendance on all five days– Staff from CIEP- Coordinación de Innovación Educativa will be on site to monitor attendance.  Make sure that you check in at registration every day.

  • Peer evaluation of team work – You will be working in teams every afternoon.  You will individually provide an evaluation of your team members for how well each person in your team contributed to your activities.

  • Evaluation – Instructor evaluation of daily afternoon team activities.  Each person in the team will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

    Basic understanding and application. Developing the ability to apply knowledge, skills and processes regarding open.

    Demonstrating knowledge, skills and processes regarding open at the level of your peers. Show the ability to transfer learning to both predictable and new situations.

    Applying knowledge, skills and processes open at a higher level than your peers. Extending beyond expectations showing evidence that ideas extend beyond your immediate context/learning environment.

  • Chopped Challenge group submission (final activity)
  • Next steps challenge – a short reflection (1-2 paragraphs), posted in Contestar, about what your next steps in Open Education and Innovation will be.