A Look at the Wikimedia Ecosystem

Wikipedia is widely know and used as a one of the most successful collaborative projects on the web, a publicly edited encyclopedia. But there much more there than the familiar.

  1. You’ve Heard of this Wikipedia Thing, Right?
  2. “Did You Know There is an Edit button?”
  3. What’s On a Page?
  4. Peer Review? See Page History
  5. It’s An Ecosystem
  6. If The Problem is Reliability…
  7. Wiki Edit-a-Thons (Editatóns)
  8. Wikimedia México
  9. Sounds of a Living, Growing Wikipedia

Image Credits: Based on Missing flickr photo by zigwamp shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license cropped and modified to create a wider gap; superimposed Wikipedia-logo-v2-en.svg Wikimedia Commons image licensed under a Creative Commons (CC BY-SA) license. Final image by Alan Levine published under a Creative Commons (CC BY-SA) license