Tools of a Muralist

This is a collection of the tools we are using in the MuralUDG project



An open discussion with questions for each topic. Respond and share!


As a closing activity for each topic you will submit an idea for an idea UDG as a system might adopt the open practice.
The Daily Opener

The Daily Opener

Each this site publishes a new challenge to expand your awareness of open resources, projects, and tools. You respond to it via twitter.

Get Your Apps Going!

Bring an ipad and/or a laptop. Here are the apps and web tools we will be using in the activities – some you already have, but some are new:

  1. Have your twitter account ready to go.
  2. Have your Google account (google drive, google docs) ready to go
  3. Set up an accounts on these web sites:
    • Hypothesis for web annotation
    • Canva for creating graphucs
    • H5P for creating interactive web widgets
  4. Download these apps if you are bringing a mobile/tablet device:


For the latest updates including the newest Daily Opener activities, follow @muraludg in twitter.

Engage in discussion, share ideas and resources, and ask questions to our community by including #muraludg

in your tweets. We use the open technology tool Twitter TAGs developed by Martin Hawksey to archive, summarize, and even visualize this activity. It runs from a Google Spreadsheet, and this is a tool you can use for your own courses and projects.

One powerful part of the tool is it generates a real time visualization of the activity and connections among people tweeting with the #muraludg tag:

Twitter TAGs Conversation Explorer on Feb 23, 2018

This will grow and get more complex in time. We have a new tool that makes it easy to find you or anyone else within this network, simply by entering their twitter name (without the @) below.

Find Twitter Name in TAGS Conversation Explorer