Explore potential of H5P to build resources and activities

This is an opportunity to explore the many tools in the H5P toolbox, quickly try them out, and brainstorm ways they can be used in your courses.

“A Whole Mural Story at 331” flickr photo by cogdogblog https://flickr.com/photos/cogdog/16009321985 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license



The H5P toolkit offers many ways to add dynamic and interactive materials to your practice. H5P tools are open source, and mostly work in all contemporary web browsers (including mobile devices) without requiring any special technology for the user. The tools include graphic, video, and audio content enhancers, and many common interactive activity types. They are easy to share and reuse, and additional functionality with WordPress, Moodle and Drupal are provided via plugins.

What to Do

If you have not done already, go to H5P.org and create an account.

With a partner, scan through the forty or so types of activities on the Examples and Downloads page.

Think about ways these tools could be used in one of your courses. This could either be as a resource that you or another instructor/designer builds, or an activity you could assign to your students.

Tweet your activity idea, saying which tool you are using and a couple sentences what you hope might happen. Using the hashtags #muraludg and #h5p.  Try to post at least two ideas, with the name of the tool, and a short description of the subject and activity.

Some recommendations to be sure to check out.

  1. Image Hotspots: add text, video, links, to any image (including maps, diagrams, etc…).
  2. Audio recorder: very simple, basic audio recording tool that you can place almost anywhere.
  3. Timeline: quickly generate interactive timelines with many different types of multimedia.
  4. Speak the Words (Chrome broswer only): this one is great fun to play with! Prompt people to answer questions by speaking.

Featured Image: A Whole Mural Story at 331 flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license