Team 3 : Repository of resources and images of information in the university community

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Repository of resources and images of information in the university community

Proposal: what do you think should be done? Who will use it?

Our proposal is to create a repository of information and image resources for the field of Architecture and Design

Justification: Why is this idea necessary? What gap or need does it address? How would it be?

We constantly see the need to have a space in the Internet cloud and free access for the entire community of the University of Guadalajara and specifically for the University Center for Art, Architecture and Design, which contains the largest possible amount of information resources. They use each one of the subjects of the educational programs, such as curricula, subjects, resources and readings of each subject, activities, resources of support, links to videos and activities, etc.

A space that is also available for students, to upload their work, assignments and better proposals.

With this, useless papers, copies and duplicates of unnecessary information would be avoided. This would support sustainability and support for the environment.

Who would be part of that?

Students, professors, administrative workers and managers.

Implementation: Where will this technology live? Who will support it?

We propose that this tool be hosted in the Internet cloud, so that it is accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Are there resources?

Supported and supported directly by the General Coordination of Information Technology (CGTI)

Challenges: what will be difficult to adopt this technology? Are there related problems that would have to be resolved?

The great challenge to overcome would be to make all teachers and teachers know how to use and take advantage of ICT to improve time savings and greater productivity.

Carry out training courses on the use of new technologies, open resources, online courses, generation of learning objects, etc.

Thank you very much!

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  1. @tanbob

    This seems like a good idea and fills a gap. You mention that it may need to use cloud based infrastructure, and you may want to consider open technologies that are used by other institutions for this purpose.

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