Proposal: what is it you think should be done? Encourage research in students with support in technologies through the creation of virtual space
• Who will use it? It will be used by research professors and students who want to join the field of research
Rationale: Why is this idea needed? Research is one of the priorities that every university student should have, in such a way that it is considered important to motivate the students so that from the first grades of their career they are incorporated in works to generate and innovate the knowledge, this will serve so that the student develop skills such as management, search and management of information, as well as other skills that are required to train professionals capable of responding to the current knowledge society. Similarly, it requires a space in which the research professors can organize and publicize the work they do, which also contributes to the dissemination of knowledge.
What gap or need does it address? The lack of motivation for research on the part of students, in addition to the lack of link between researchers and students
• Implementation: Where will this technology live? Who will support it?
A virtual space will be created in which the research professors publish and organize their research work with the objective of motivating and incorporating well-meaning students to participate in the generation of knowledge. It is proposed to use a platform such as WordPress in which the proposed information is presented.
It can be supported from the research coordination of each university center, in conjunction with the Coordination of Technologies for Learning, career coordination, researchers. It can be administered and coordinated from the research área
• Challenges: What will be difficult about adopting this technology? Are there related problems that would need to be solved?
The possible problems that we can face are mainly the resistance on the part of the research professors to share their work and support the students. Also the resistance on the part of the students to join the early research. Similarly, one of the problems may be the lack of training in the use of the platform, as well as the management and handling of information. The lack of coordination among those who will be involved in the projec.
These problems are solved with prior training to those who will be involved in the project. With the organization and willingness of those involved and especially with the support of the authorities to implement the project

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