TEAM 10 – The Pitch: Evaluation of Modular Projects

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Design a strategy that allows CUCEI students to upload their modular projects and then any professor or students interested in the topic can comment on the quality of work with the use of the tool The objective is that now the evaluation of these projects is carried out through multidisciplinary exchange sessions.

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  1. Brian Lamb

    What an original idea! What I like best about it is that it departs from traditional course structures and offers other ways to assess and support student development. I suggest you elaborate on that strength. Of course, it is possible some judges may be skeptical of your idea for that reason. So you may need to be prepared to argue how you will both challenge the traditional structure of the university, but build enough support within it to succeed. I am excited to see how you might do this!

  2. Brian Lamb

    Also… look at the “three levels” described in the Chopped Challenge page… how might this idea extend somehow beyond the UdG?

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