We consider the great problem that exists with the inadequate use of technological tools by young generations. It’s worrisome that adolescents and children without orientation constantly visit pages with pornographic content, or use Facebook to share intimate information and to chat with strangers, situations that can often end in kidnappings, rapes or even murders.

 Considering the above, we suggest to create an open space for teachers of all educational levels and parents, to help raise awareness and promote a change of attitude regarding the proper use and use of ICT.

This meeting point can be created with WordPress and built it with the contributions of all the participants to share experiences, offer data, talks with experts, open resources using tools like H5P, review articles with hiphotes.is, offer educational videos, comics, memes, and other elements that they can use in their classrooms and in their houses to explain and raise awareness among young people about the appropriate, secure and ethical use of TIC.

Shared by: Team 13
Image Credit: https://www.bebee.com/producer/@juan-imaz/beneficios-y-peligros-para-los-ninos-que-usan-redes-sociales