Proposal: To use new technologies and open sources in teaching to generate in our students values to form better individuals and citizens.
Rationale: Teaching has been a practice that focuses in content more than in students’ individual values and personal principles development. With this approach we try to fulfill that gap. In our group we teach: Law, Philosophy, Cultural Studies and English. Our idea is to develop a way to combine our different disciplines and get transversal learning.
– Start by advising our students about copyright and how to avoid the risks of entering to open sources.
– Stimulate them to collaborative work gathering information from open technology.
– Inform Students they are going to prepare an English debate about Inequity of Gender.
– Provide them with guidelines about the subtopics to talk about, as well as suggested Internet sites to search, and a questionnaire with items from the different subjects involved.
– Provide them with formats to fulfill schedule and responsible of the activities in the video-conference.
– In the audio- conference, they are going provide information since their different formation perspectives and express their point of view supported and presenting open sources adds during the recording,(pictures, videos, graphics, etc.).
– Ask them to share the video conference in Twitter Chat and Facebook and ask their followers beside giving likes and considering the Six Degrees of Separation Theory, to promote its diffusion.
– To train the students in the use of basic technology.
– To present them different open sources.
-To get their participation and overcome their apathy to change learning models.

Open sources OECD Data,, data 2xº, CC, gapminder,, H5P, drupal, among others.
Marco legal protección a la equidad de género

El Marco Jurídico Mexicano de Protección de la Mujer contra la Violencia

Sensibilización sobre el tema de gestión integral de perspectiva de género

Click to access marco_normativo_sobre_el_inmujeres.pdf

Instituto nacional de la Mujer

Derechos humanos de las mujeres

Click to access Derechos_Humanos_de_las_Mujeres.pdf

Criterios jurisprudenciales

Click to access genero1.pdf

Igualdad ni más ni menos.

Gender inequality – Wikipedia
The Global Problem of Gender Inequality | HuffPost…/gender-inequality_b_141753…
How Gender Inequality Persists in the Modern World | Scholars ……/how-gender-inequality-persi

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