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Criteria for the pith

Short description of the idea
Repositorio de contenidos académicos para fortalecer comunidades de colaboración entre docentes y estudiantes para la construcción de contenidos a partir de cada centro universitario y compartir en la red universitaria o intercentros, gestión de la información con etiquetas dewey

What does your project or idea address?
Colaboración entre docentes y alumnos, comunidad de colaboración.
How is your idea project a meaningful contribution to program, faculty, UDG or world?
Facultad y Universidad de Guadalajara

Short description of the idea
Repository of academic content to strengthen collaborative communities between teachers and students for the construction of content from each university center and share in the university network or intercenters, information management with dewey tags bidoc_new / materials / classificacion_dewey.pdf

What does your project or idea address?
Collaboration between teachers and students, collaboration community.
How is your idea project a meaningful contribution to program, faculty, UDG or world?
Faculty and University of Guadalajara

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  1. Alan Levine

    Creating a shared resource collection is a worthy idea; this proposal will need more refinement. Materials collection is a level 1 concept- how can you add elements of open pedagogy, scholarship that go beyond content collection? What is students were involved? How can it be a broader access project?

    What kind of academic content is being collected? Is it content produced by UDG? What is the scope of the kinds of materials (activities, lesson ideas, or at a larger scale?)

    How is this different from the many other existing collections of learning materials? What is the value added by using Dewey classification? Is the goal to increase the ability to find materials or to reuse?

    How can you justify building a new repository and not using existing ones (e.g. OER Commons, WikiUniversity?)

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